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Day Three: Destiny

Alongside nearly 200 stakeholders from 50 countries, we discovered, dreamed and co-designed 14 prototypes, building upon themes explored across Europe’s Energy Earthshot’s first day: solidarity with the people of Ukraine, intergenerational solutions, the buildout of emissions-free infrastructure and much more.

On our third and final day, we drafted action plans and shared aspirations for accelerating Europe’s energy transformation. 

“We need a critical mass of stakeholders. I used to be very concerned about people that didn’t get it, but it is much better to spend your energy on the 20 or 30% of people that really get it, because these people are going to create the tipping points.” 


— Paul Polman, business leader, campaigner and co-author of “Net Positive”

Europe’s Energy Earthshot demonstrated what is possible when we align our strengths and, together, build the future that rising generations deserve. But this is just the beginning. What we achieve will depend on your commitment going forward — and making our bold ideas real.

In the months ahead, we will reconvene to share updates on our progress, as we advance towards Europe's clean energy future.

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