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Day Two: Time to Design

Thinking big and acting bold were the big takeaways of Day Two of Europe’s Energy Earthshot. Following a curtain-raising speech from Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine’s former minister of finance, participants were challenged to bring their most compelling ideas to life. They did not disappoint.

Fourteen prototypes, rich with creativity and a belief in the possible, were presented, from an Energy Earthshot manifesto to speeding up renewable energy permitting to supporting Ukraine’s efforts to reimagine and rebuild its energy infrastructure.

“There are more people on board the train than on the platform. Today is proof: we have enough agreement and momentum to move forward an ambitious agenda.”


— Jesper Brodin, CEO, Ingka Group (IKEA), and chair, The B Team

The conversations were dynamic. Former politicians underscored the need to hone the right messages to citizens and communities. UN youth delegates found hope to match their urgency. Storytellers were pushed to rethink narrative and break down climate misinformation via partnerships with educators and media institutions. Participants challenged business leaders to articulate the business case for the Earthshot prototypes.

“As an entrepreneur, my five tips to refining prototypes include: focus on the problem; surround yourself with passionate people; embrace diversity of thought; listen to everyone’s ideas; simplify the idea.”

— Sir Richard Branson, founder, Virgin Group, and co-founder, The B Team

A great idea means little without action. Our third and final day focused on creating action plans for each prototype, defining next steps and establishing shared accountability.

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