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Europe’s Energy Earthshot manifesto

A call to action for transitioning Europe towards an energy system that is secure, sustainable and affordable


Retrofitting revolution

A user guide for retrofitting homes and buildings to boost energy efficiency and deepen citizens’ understanding of the tools, financing and opportunities available for doing so


A symphony of cities

A city-centric pilot program to accelerate adoption of efficiency initiatives and connect a network of other cities for shared learnings and collaboration


Storytelling Revolution

Utilising the power of narrative and public communication to deepen awareness of Europe’s energy crisis and activate citizen leadership on clean energy solutions

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A digital platform providing a shared and curated space where stakeholders can approve renewable energy installation plans and local community benefit sharing.


Principles to support emissions-free, affordable and secure baseload

Developing and promoting “World Energy Ecology Principles” that ground our understanding of energy as a complex ecology, rooted in cultural rather than solely technical considerations 


A sustainable future for Ukraine

Supporting the people of Ukraine as they fight for freedom across Europe and secure their future


The Narrative of the Just Energy Transition

Developing and launching the “7th Gen Podcast,” with conversations that unite generations and inspire collective climate action among traditionally disparate groups


Incentivising Europe’s clean energy future

Transforming voluntary carbon markets into a global, publicly funded pay-for-success scheme built to catalyze a regenerative, nature-positive future


Africa Investment Earthshot

A 30-year, community- and Africa-led investment plan to empower young leaders and stimulate Africa’s green industrial growth


Transforming transport and high-emission industries

A mobile app that tracks miles travelled and rewards points for low-carbon transport – points that can be converted into easily-managed carbon credits


Incentivising proven carbon capture solutions

Establishing Europe as the carbon sink of the world through nature- and technology-based solutions in collaboration with industry, governments and communities


Financing the transition

Leveraging expertise, government incentives and the power of stories to reframe risk and enable capital to flow faster to innovative energy solutions


Europe’s Energy Earthshot architecture

Building a framework for managing and communicating progress of Europe’s Energy Earthshot’s ideas

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