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Day One: Dream and Discover

Day One of Europe’s Energy Earthshot was a day of dreaming and discovering. Nearly 200 stakeholders across 50 countries came together to co-create ambitious solutions for Europe’s clean energy future. From citizens to energy suppliers, policymakers to young people, participants were empowered to be brave and dream big.

The day began with a focus on the strengths of the current energy system (through the Appreciative Inquiry model) — a process of affirming what works today whilst building, urgently, for tomorrow.

“In Europe we have a lot of experience with crisis and transition. What makes us strong is the sense and value of unity — and that is where we can unlock the energy solutions we need.” 


— Europe’s Energy Earthshot participant

Some common themes emerged in the opening session: energy democracy and the transition to new energy sources, including distributed renewables; increased collaboration, across communities, countries, sectors and generations; mobilising the circular economy; solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they rebuild their country; the need for systemic change and more human solutions; and centring gender and generational equality in Europe’s energy transformation.

“Technology is already available. The answers, in most cases, are available. It is the system, set in the past, which stands in our way."

— Ester Baiget, president & CEO, Novozymes

Storytelling reverberated as a key theme — particularly in catalysing the behaviour change necessary to transition to an energy efficient Europe — as did the importance of local context and local action in achieving global goals. Lastly, participants stressed the need for young people to take a lead role in the energy transition.

“We need to make the youth voice a formal part of all negotiations, all institutions, all spaces. Young people are the ones who will inherit and navigate an uncertain future.” 


— Europe’s Energy Earthshot participant

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